The Concept


Little Tokyo merupakan maha karya terbaru dari dua developer besar yang berkolaborasi, yaitu PP Properti dan Jababeka. Berada di tengah Kota Jababeka tepat nya di Bundaran Jababeka, Little Tokyo Jababeka membawa berbagai fasilitas dan lingkungan yang didukung fitur teknologi smart living yang akan dapat membantu aktifitas harian kita. Little Tokyo membawa suasana kehidupan Jepang yang Modern yang akan membuat anda terpana.



Teknologi smart living akan mulai diaplikasikan di Little Tokyo. App yang di gadget kita, bisa membantu aktifitas harian kita. Satu hal lagi yaitu keran air disekitar kawasan akan siap untuk diminum. Jadi konsep Eco City ini sudah menjadi salah satu identitas Little Tokyo.


Berada di tengah Kota Jababeka tepat nya di Bundaran Jababeka (Pusat Bisnis, Edukasi, Entertainment) yang dikelilingi Japanese Lifestyle Mall,MRT Station, Mayfair Plaza Indonesia Jababeka, President University, Jababeka Golf & Country Club, Hollywood Junction, dll.


Kemajuan Infrastruktur yang sedang bergeser ke arah timur menjadi salah satu kunci investasi di Little Tokyo (MRT/LRT, Elevated Toll Road, High-speed train, dll) dan juga fasilitas premium seperti Giant Giga Wi-Fi, Japanese Central Garden, Jacuzzi, Sunset Garden Sky Dinning, Shuttle Bus Feeder, dll


Siapa yang tidak mengenal PP Properti & Jababeka? Dua Developer besar ini berkolaborasi untuk menciptakan proyek Little Tokyo Jababeka dan yang menjadi peran vital juga yaitu Arsitek yang merancang Little Tokyo adalah Tange Associates, Arsitek ternama yang berasal dari Jepang.


Master Architect - TANGE ASSOCIATES

founded in 1946. After nearly 70 years, the Tange legacy continues with over 400 projects and some of the studio’s most popular project was the design of Cocoon Tower Tokyo, UOB Plaza Singapore Tokyo Metropolitan Government building, President Hotel (Pullman Sudirman), etc The firm is now leaded by Paul Noritaka Tange. Tange Associates has worked worldwide and offers a full range of architectural and urban design services with project experiences in a vast variety of sectors that include government, offices and retail, residential, hotel and resort, hospital and health centre, education, culture, sports, transportation, production and R&D plants. In addition to the head office in Tokyo, Tange Associates has offices in Singapore, Taipei, Shangai, Vancouver, and Jakarta.

Unit Plan

2 BEDROOM 55 sqm

Two bedroom unit plan appeal top people in a variety of life stages from newlywed couples, young famiies or retirement options too. A brilliant use of space and clever designs means comfort, liveability and utility isn`t compromised and value maximised

1 BEDROOM 40 sqm

The one bedroom apartment may be a hallmark for singles and business-person especially expats. Suited perfectly to suppor your daily life activites and with 40sqm of space, you can do a lot of things in your dream apartment

STUDIO 30 sqm

This type of studio is the best type you can get in Cikarang because of the 30sqm of space you have. This is the answer for Executives, College Students and Investors who`s searching for a temporary home near the area




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